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How do I set an SRS Sub-report to break across pages when it's long and want to start on new page?

I have an SRS 2005 report with a sub-report. When the sub-report has many rows, I would like it to start on one page and continue on the next (standard report break behavior). Problem is that the sub-report automatically breaks to the next page leaving lots of white space on the first page.

Is there a setting / property to have my sub-report break as one would expect?
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rfarnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.
Looks like a many people have come across the same behavior / "feature" and there was only one suggestion (workaround) anyone found that looks to work:
I broke up my sub-report and had to display the data in the following manner, in order to output my data rows "1 by 1".

1) Insert a new List onto the report.
2) Set the data source of the List to my dataset.
3) On the List properties "Edit details group", I group by the Expression =Fields!ID.value (which is a unique field returned by my dataset)
4) Create a NEW sub-report which only shows one record at a time, instead of all of my results.
5) Insert this new sub-report inside my new List.
6) Link the sub-report parameter to the same value that I'm grouping my List on.

* You can add your own custom formatting inside this to accommodate Headers and bordering etc.

Anyhow, by doing this I was able to recreate the exact same look and feel as I intended with my original sub-report, and was able to print my results without the page breaks.

So basically, break it down by putting a more simple sub-report inside a List which is bound to your entire dataset.
I'll try this approach, but was hoping for a more straightforward solution since I have well over 75 reports with sub-reports and the prospect of re-working them all in this manner will be a lot of work.
rfarnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance.  I did dig out a work-around from the references you provided, but will need a better solution due to the large volume of reports we have.

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