Windows 2003 SBS Licenses


We installed a Windows 2003 SBS R2 Box with a customer who has eight machines (XP PRO, etc).

The server only comes with 5 Cals (device, I believe), but all eight can login without a problem, though none are using exchange 2003.

Do the calls only apply to exchange 2003?


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Henrik Rosager PedersenIT ManagerCommented:

the 5 CALs that comes with your SBS 2003 is for the server only. That means that 5 users or devices can log onto the server - and to the Exchange.

The server does not stop working if to many clients or users are trying to connect to it. But if you go to Licenses under the Administrator fane - you can see how many CALs you have installed - and how many users/devices that have used the server.

Hope you understand.

i believe those are normal CAL's ( clien access license ) witch gives the right for 5 users to use SBS resources . for exchange mailboxes you will need separate licensing .
those cals are only eligible for users accessing your windows 2003 servers, in this case SBS edition .

so, if you have 8 XP clients, you will need 3 more 2003 sbs cals .

you can connect 50 users to that server, even with a single 5 cal license, this is not controlled by windows server 2003 ( licensing service doesnt work very wel on 2003, and it can be disabled :)  ) , you have to control that  yourself .

Henrik Rosager PedersenIT ManagerCommented:
Hi again,

so if you have 8 users or devices using the server - you need 3  more. CALs for the SBS 2003 comes only in packets of 5 that's what you need.

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A few things.

One you can not disable licensing in sbs. It will cause issues. In normal 2003 server it can be disabled.

Second is that sbs supports up to 75 users not 50.

To the OP. The server will not really start complaining until you get to 10 users. That being said you need to pick up a 5 user or device cal pack and install it under the sbs console to be legit. For sbs03 the cals started in 5 packs which is what you need. The single cal pack covers all of the parts of sbs03 including exchange, outlook, etc.
Henrik Rosager PedersenIT ManagerCommented:
Hi Stuat,

did you get an answer to your question - an answer you could use??

ccosby, i was refering 50 to an example :) , not quantifying the number of clients supported .
You can disable licensing in sbs .. licensing server has issues when controlling per server and cal licensing when acquired to a single system .

last, cal are client ACCESS licenses, im almost sure u cant use these in exchange, neither in outlook :) .. for that you have OVS agreements, and im sure microsoft didnt release cals to compete with OVS agreements :) , and competing in paralel with their own products .

just my 2 cents .
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