Make another column link to Item with Edit menu in Sharepoint list

I have a sharepoint list and I need to make a column (other than Title) be able to have edit functionality.  I realize that I could just change the name of Title but the column that I need to link to the item is actually a choice.
My first question is can I do this?  
Secondly how can I accomplish this?
The column title is Operation Name.  There are several operation names that are in a drop down and only one can be chosen.  If someone has any ideas on changing this I would greatly appreciate it.
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You'll need SharePoint Designer.

First, in SharePoint, make a copy of the view of the list you want to modify.  Then open the new view in SharePoint Designer, right-click the ListViewWebPart tab and select 'Convert to XSLT Data View'
Then if you right-click on one of the current title fields (the actual entries, not the header) and select Hyperlink properties it'll show you the link to edit properties, probably something similar to

So if you now go to the hyperlink properties of the column you want to be the edit link and paste in the value taken from the other field then it should work.

Hopefully that makes sense :)
If you all you need is a "Edit" link next to your list, why don't you update the webpart and insert a "Edit" column from the "view". (view image)
swtjen01Author Commented:
I know the edit column is a valid option but I am trying to use a different column to be able to link to the edit menu.  By default the Title column is the only one and it has a single item setting.  The column I need to use has a multi select choice.  
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Where is this choice coming from? The same list or another list?
swtjen01Author Commented:
It is coming from the same list.  I have a column named Operation and it has the choice type with radio buttons.  I want to (if possible) use this column as the link to item with edit menu.  I don't know if you can use any other column but the Title column for this.
You will, then, have to take the approach that was described by Dhope. You can create a DataView Webpart (DWP) from that list and choose the column (here Operation) with a hyperlink property that when clicked will take you to the edit page for that item.
I cannot get this to work.  I get the following message:

SharePoint Designer cannot render the XSLT in this Data View. Try to undo your changes or re-insert the Data View.Failed setting processor stylesheet : 0x80004005 : A reference to variable or parameter 'URL_Display' cannot be resolved. The variable or parameter may not be defined, or it may not be in scope.
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