Slow LAN speeds over Cisco Switch

Hello Everyone,

I'm a total noob with switches. A remote location is experience a local slowdown on systems connected to a Cisco 3500 series switch.
The admin there suspects that a nic on one of the systems might be defective and chatty therefore causing the slowdown.
Is there a command for the switch that would show the traffic accross each port to help narrow down the culpret?
Or is there a better way to find a chatty NIC on the network?

Help please
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sp00k5599Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do a   (sh int sum) command which will show the rx and tx for each port.  One thing you should think about getting is some type of software monitoring using SNMP.  A simple and easy one to use is SNMPc and its not to expensive.  You can monitor everything with it.
Methodman85Author Commented:
My network Admin is away at the moment so i don't want to access the switch quite yet.
I used MS network monitor to see if I could see if any systems were excessively broadcasting.

I'm showing 3 systems with over 300 broadcasts in about 5 minutes.
Is that pretty normal?
ricks_vConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wireshark is a stronger network monitoring software.
You'll be able to see different type of hosts and traffic.
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