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What trick do you use to remember things?

What trick do you use to remember things?

Like, phone numbers, to do list, your study theories , current affairs, jokes ,your work related things??

10 Solutions
I email myself I need to remember anything.  It may be the ULTRA-LAZY approach, but it works!

As far as phone numbers, I really don't need to remember them.  I just keep them stored in my phone.
I put everything on a flash drive on my keychain.  or phone numbers on my phone.

If it's confidential then I put links from their to someplace secure so I have to login to get to them.

I set up the bookmarks of my browser to my own files and references to everything I use most.  I carry many gigabytes of reference material on my laptop at all times.  Even if I have no internet access at all, I still have access to most of the stuff I'll need to lookup.  All I need to remember is where I put stuff.  :)
When it comes to phone numbers, I try to find a pattern with the numbers. Are there corners (eg 1, 7, 9 or 3)? Do the numbers create a pattern (eg a "T" 5468 etc)? I also keep them in my phone. It's hard for me to remember numbers these days because I just store them into my phone.
To-do lists are usually kept pretty simple and related. I finish one thing, and it will lead to something else. Making it related and simple allows me to flow through my to-do list. I also like to write them down, so when I cross them off, I am able to see the rest of the list.
As for study-theories... When I was in school, I would just reread things a couple times and then figure out a way to remember them. Whether it be alphabetically order a list, or some other way they can lead into each other. Just pure memorization and repetition is how I got through school.
Current affairs and jokes... I think it comes to how relevant or (in terms of jokes) funny they are, that's just how you'll remember it. If it's important to you, you're most likely going to remember it.
Work related things... email your work email and/or just create a to-do list or a file on your desktop if what you need to remember. Also, writing something down a couple times will most likely submit it to your memory.
Hope that helps!
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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
Sometimes a digital photograph, for instance when I am taking something apart or when mucking about with wiring-it saves a lot of drawing.
l also photograph Street maps so I have one handy.
Other stuff that won't submit to a memory technique gets stored in my pda - I can add an alert to it if necessary.
I also pay attention to corners of phone numbers.  I also look for lines or right angles.  For example, I'll remember 254 as a right angle.  

I also look for interesting numbers.  For example, one phone number I memorize has two squares.  I just have to remember 6425.  

I'll really pick up on numbers if they are close to something easy to memorize.  If a number has 747, then I remember the jet.  Even if it's 347, I can usually remember that it's a jet with a 3 in front.  Oddly enough, I don't pay attention to 737s or other jets.  Anything like 411 and 911, I'll remember.  And I've even made note of 1138 (from THX1138), including any variations thereof (1038, 1135, etc.).  

More abstract items, such as news stories and jokes, I can't really help with.  Either you have a good memory or you don't.  I simply am able to regurgitate jokes, although I may forget all about a joke for years until something in the conversation sparks that memory.  I then launch into a, "Oh, that reminds me of this joke..."  Going over materials in your head helps, and there is a lot to be said about playing games as a method of improving learning.  Flash cards can be a great aid.

One trick I've learned with work-related things is to write a to-do list every evening.  All that information is relevant when I go home, and I can end up forgetting about them. when I come back.  The to-do list really does help me get back on track.
Hi SmartestVEGA,

I put stickie notes on the desktop:

Freeware: http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/

Also, if you want to remember something, say it aloud. That leaves a physical memory (or so I've heard) but it seems to work for me.
Fridge magnet and paper - shopping items, school events, To Do (non-PC-related)

Mobile phone - telephone numbers

Card file system - (anything important) (hardcopy) telephone numbers, email addresses, user IDs and passwords, email addresses, address book, product model & serial numbers, online banking details

PC (notepad) - jokes, To Do (pc-related)

PC (outlook) - website account details, user IDs and passwords

PC (desktop) - (To Do textfile) web pages to look up

PC (internet explorer favourites) - favourite web pages, reference material

Diary - aniversaries, birthdays, long term medical appointments ie, dentist, optician etc..

Lever Arch Box - product documentation for reference

Lever Arch Box - Receipts

20 A4-drawer filing cabinet - (documents) insurance, letters, bills, passports, birth certificates etc..

Back Of Hand - immediate number / date / time

Rizla flap - immediate number / name / date /time

Post-It labels - short notes, cd rom contents (during burning backups), telephone messages / notes

Word Of Mouth - will rely on others to jog my memory at times

Apologies if I've forgotten something....
Normally repeating the thing to be remembered to myself works, like repeating a phone number three four times. Putting rhymes to things also works, or turning it into a little song. For alpha, numerical things I put words to it, like my lisence plate BDNL XXX, I remember it as Big Dark Nipple Lover XXX, I've never forgotten my plate number!!
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
Yes, I forgot mnemonics. I used that system to memorise the periodic table for my chemistry exam when I was at school. woodendude's licence plate (which I will probably never forget) reminded me.
I can still remember two of the lines:
Big cats nipples open florences needles, and Alistair's silver prick sometimes clutches Anne
which translates to:
Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Flourine, Neon
Aluminium, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Argon
Yep, those work, 35 years since I needed them and the memory is still in there ( I just checked and the lists are correct - as long as I've remembered the symbols correctly)
SmartestVEGAAuthor Commented:
"What trick do you use to remember things?"

I find the most successful reminders are the following techniques.

1. For reminders of things to do, I use the back side of my business cards or cards that I get from others to write reminder notes for myself.

But the trick is to do this in a way that I'll remember to look at it. The nice thing about using business cards is that you don't need anything electrical and they fit in your wallet next to the folding money.  I keep the current reminder card next to the dollar bills.  This way, I'm reminded of the reminder notes every time I buy something -- which can be several times a day.

2.  If I need to be reminded to take something with me in the morning then I put it in a small plastic shopping on the inside door-nob of my apartment door.  If this involves something that is in the refrigerator then I just put the empty bag on the door-nob.  The idea here is that I am forced to notice the bag on the door-nob when I leave in the morning, and this is the reminder of what I have to bring with me.

The successful part of each of these ideas is that the reminder is inserted as something obvious in my natural path of doing things.  This makes many things almost impossible to forget.

3.  Another example of this would be if you needed to do something on your computer, then tape a little reminder note at the edge of your monitor.

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