mssql update seems to be happening too quickly for function

Greetings.  I have a function I have written to generate a unique key / purl for each record in one of my tables.  below in the "code" is my function.

the function works well, except when i run:
SET              PURL = dbo.funcGenerateUniquePURLByName(firstname, lastname)
where PURL is null

things seem to be happening too quickly.  i end up with firstnamelastname for all of my records instead of firstnamelastname, firstnamelastname1, etc.

any help would be appreciated.

alter FUNCTION funcGenerateUniquePURLByName
	-- Add the parameters for the function here
	@FirstName as varchar(200),
	@LastName as varchar(200)
RETURNS varchar(200)
	-- Declare the return variable here
	DECLARE @Count as int
	Set @Count = 0
	DECLARE @NewPURL as varchar(200)
	SET @FirstName = CAST(REPLACE(@FirstName,' ','') as varchar(100))
	SET @LastName = CAST(REPLACE(@LastName, ' ', '') as varchar(100))
	--SET @NewPURL = (select 'JohnHENDERSON' as expr1)
	SET @NewPURL = @FirstName+@LastName
	-- Add the T-SQL statements to compute the return value here
while ((select count(PURL) from ICM_GUAMaster With (tablockx, holdlock) where PURL = @NewPURL) = 1)
	set @Count=@Count+1
	set @NewPURL = (REPLACE(@FirstName,' ','')+REPLACE(@LastName, ' ', '')+cast(@Count as varchar(20)))
	-- Return the result of the function

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No its not that it is happening to fast (it would never do that, it always waits for the function to return the value first) but since you are doing a bulk update it is finding the value to insert based off the data at the time of the query (as if you were doing a select).

You need to do your query as a loop or something and do one record at a time.
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