Issue with positioning of calendar in Joomla, PHP, IE7

I am having a problem with my Joomla template in that it is displaying a calendar in a different place on IE7, than it does on all other browsers. I have attached two photos demonstrating the problem, which only occurs when editing from the front end of Joomla. (i.e when in the back end it appears as it is supposed to).

I am aware that there were some compatibility issues with CSS, and IE6 - have these been resolved or will I need to make an adjustment to my code?

If an adjustment is needed is anyone aware of the solution ?


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It looks like you've scrolled down a little to be able to see that date-input, and I have a sneaking suspicion that your problem is related to that. Quite possibly (I've seen this in many open-source projects, they tend to test a little less on IE) the javascript code that calculates the position of the date-input uses the wrong DOM-attributes for IE.

I am certain (99%) that this problem is not CSS-related.

I would take this up with the Joomla usergroup perhaps?
rutlandictAuthor Commented:
Without scrolling, clicking the calendar button doesn't appear to do anything. I.e I scrolled up after clicking the button to screenshot where it is appearing.
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