failed array drive drive from raid 5 - cannot rebuild

Hello - one of the drives in the array shows a failed status in the dell open manage. Its a Poweredge 2600 running windows server 2003. when i try to rebuild it in open manage it fails and stays in the failed state. The Virtual disk is in the degraded state. It is on a Perc 4/DI controller. what can i do to resolve this?
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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Dell drivers have been known to cause this issue. My first step would be to remove the drive and place it back in. This should allow the drive to sync back up. if the RAID rebuilds fine then i would make sure your controller drivers and your hard drive drivers and firmware are running the latest version. Check the Dell support site to see the latest version of your drivers.

If the drive does not start to rebuild when you reinsert it and the LED stays amber then i would assume you have a bad drive and need to replace it.

IF you have a warranty with dell they should be able to walk you through all the steps needed to get your system back to normal
Has the failed drive been replaced?
johny911Author Commented:
Thank you 'that1guy15' - that fixed the issue. What exact drivers am i looking to update? should i even do any of that since its not broken no more? (you know 'dont try to fix whats not broken')
Well that could have been what the issue was. What happens is the sync between the drives and the controller will fall out of sync and the controller then thinks the drive is bad. Dell drivers in the hard drives have been known to cause this. I would download the latest update disk (linked below) from dells sight, run it on the server (from windows) and it will let you know what drivers need to be updated.

If your controller or hard drive drivers or firmware are behind i strongly recommend updating them so this does not happen again. The server will need to be rebooted and down while the drivers are updated but it should not be very long (just depends on the drives and the controller).

Here is the link to the updates iso and docs for your server running 2k3
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