almost have an IIS certificate but not quite. Pls help!

I'm setting up SSL for OWA but before doing so I need to use a certificate. Heres what I;ve done...
A. I installed stand alone root certificate on the 2003 server
B. within IIS under default web site a ran the "create certificate". This seemed to work , saved the request as  C:email.txt
C. In certificate authority I expanded  "pending request", there was my request, I went to taks and approved. The pending request went and i now see the certificate under "issued requests".
D. Back to IIS, directory security, i hit server certificate, choose next to process teh pending job but then it asks me for the .cer file, but i didn't get one when i approved it under certificate authority. What am i doing wrong, it would appear that all i need to do is point it at the CER file but where is it?
I've looked at several links at so thank you but please dont give me one of those URLs as they don't answer my specfic question.
Many thanks
Jason ThomasAsked:
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Perry_IDITCConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is an artical on SSL in IIS 6, it covers everything you need.

Jason ThomasAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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