Video adapter or Bios on the fritz, possibly?

Greetings Ladies and Gents. I have a strange one here:
I'm running Windows SBS 2003 on a Dell Poweredge T300. I recently received a notification that there was a driver update for my video adapter. I installed it and then upon rebooting my server I get the Dell initial load screen fine as well as the Windows Server 2003 screen (with the progress meter moving) that's where my screen goes black. I can't see anything beyond this point. I have a PC connected to a KVM switch between the server as well. If I switch to the PC I can remote desktop into the server and besides the black desktop, with my icons (as opposed to a blue desktop background) everything works normally.
Here is what I've tried:
I've uninstalled/reinstalled the video adapter
I've tried to roll back the video adapter driver
I looked on the Dell Website for any other updates and I found that my Bios is version 1.2 and the current version is 1.3

Any ideas? Thanks in advnce.
If this is a Bios issue how do I load the software onto my server when I cant see the screen beyond using remote desktop or the initial load screens?
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DiagnosticsAuthor Commented:
I got into Safe Mode but, I get no screen.
This is is very much like device driver issues.
I see you've uninstalled the video adapter -- you're doing it through safe mode and it works while in safe mode, or are you RDCing in to do this?

Don't forget not only the video adapter, but uninstall that, the monitor, video device drivers, video card drivers, etc.  They're separate items in separate lists, but they do affect each other.  Uninstall them all, and any software that could be installed in the add/remove programs for it, then do a reboot and let windows do it's own 'found new hardware.'  Have the device drivers ready, of the version that was working ready.

Let me know.
DiagnosticsAuthor Commented:
Hello Justicator,
I actually cannot access Safe Mode (F8). Is there another function key that I'm missing? I'm using RDP to get on the desktop but, I have a feeling that because it's virtual It's not executing my commands like it should.
So to verify:
You recommend uninstalling the following:
Video Adapter
Monitor and software
Video Device Drivers?
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Yep.  I'd say try safe mode first.
It could be different function key depending on the windows version/software version, and might not always tell you.  Most common is F8, but i've seen it at F3, F4, and F11.

F8 is the usual, though.  Sometimes it's just stupid quick.  Try booting, and just stab F8 a lot while it boots and hope you get lucky.

If you still can't get in, install the recovery console.;en-us;326215
DiagnosticsAuthor Commented:
Excellent, I will try this and get backj to you. Thanks!
Good luck!  Let me know!
Sorry for taking a while to get back -- small impromptu vaca.

So, it'll show the bare necessities drivers being loaded, and then the windows loading screen, but when that goes away nothing else shows?  Or do you get no screen before that?
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