Crystal Report Viewer "Unknown Name" Error

I am receiving this error when attempting to view a Crystal 8.5 report in a IE6 browser window.  The reports runs fine when viewed in IE 7.  I looked through the suggestions in the prior tech support articles and I am running SP 2 on IE 6 machines running Windows XP Pro SP2, however uninstalling IE 6 SP2 is not an option as this is controlled via our network admins.  Any suggestions?  
P.S., I receive an error when trying to view any of the Crystal Decisions knowledge base articles, it wants a digital security certificate, have this moved or been reposted elsewhere?
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Just click OK on the certificate and it will take you though.  Yes all solutions and articles have been moved.

New starting point

When MS released SP2 for XP, Crystal highly recommended against installing it since Crystal didn't run correctly on it.

They fixed the issue with service packs but since they had stopped supporting CR8.5 they never issued an SP for that version.

kstanford61Author Commented:
So I guess there's no resolution to this problem then?
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