Need to Find Microsoft Bluetooth Stack for XP SP3

I have an IBM Thinkpad Lenovo T60 laptop. I run Windows XP SP3. I need to find the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack for XP SP3. Currently I don't have a bluetooth software installed on my laptop. I don't want to use the one from IBM as it caused alot of problems for me. I have removed the one from IBM. I need the Bluetooth Device config software, the one that comes with XP SP3. I found one for XP SP1. But when you try to install it says it can't install becuase it's for SP1 and I'm on SP3. Please advise!!! Thanks!
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Microsoft has included the Bluetooth stack since SP2:
As PUNKY said, the stack is included in SP3.
Try to open add/remove programs and click add windows components to see if you can add it from there.

I don't know if this works, but check this link:
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