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I was trying to find a custom control in vb . net that has a slide out panel. It should slide out (not pop up) and retract providing more space for controls.

Since I was not able to find that on the net I am trying to program my own. My intention is to use a panel and slide it in and out of the control area. That it the easy part.

I am not able to find a solution to make it slide in and out in design mode.

If you use the regular tab control you are able to switch between tabs and add i.e. controls while designing a new form. That is exactly what I am trynig to achieve with my panel.

Can anybody help me on that?

Best Regards
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leo_vetterliAuthor Commented:
no solutione found
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
leo_vetterliAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link, I didn't know that panel.

However, it does not match my needs, I think. I want to create a panel that slides out (with the tab)when you click the tab, and slides back in after a second or different click. Kind of like you pull on the tab of a card to pull it out and back in.
I think the Telerik RadSplitter / RadSlidingZone will do just that.
leo_vetterliAuthor Commented:
Beautiful Controls, and RadSplitter comes close, but it does not exist for Windows Froms. ASPNEt only....
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