how to embbed a .ppt file in a Nwiki page or make an attachment display on wiki page

can you embbed a .ppt file in a Nwiki page so the content is visible and editable by others? Or is there a way to get information from a wiki page to a powerpoint file without doing a bunch of formatting?? Either solution would work for me. Our team needs to provide updates to our manager monthly & he then makes modifications and passes them along to his manager via .ppt & email - who combines them with other teams and passes them to his manager & so on...... How can we use wiki as a team and still allow for my manager to do what he needs to do???? Other than just attaching a .ppt file to a wiki page.

If we do attach a .ppt file to be updated by the team, Is there a way to make it display on the wiki page - similiar to the way it displays .gef & .jpeg files that are attached
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From a wiki into PPT, you could use LiveWeb.  It's a free add-in.
Jeanine1122Author Commented:
This is awesome!!!! thank you
However - it doesnt really work for my current needs, since you are unable to edit the info in the powerpoint.
I guess I misread the question, sorry.

I don't think you're going to get something editable embedded with in PPT. You could try Insert | Object and see if that gets you anywhere.

Otherwise, can you attach files to a nwiki? If so, then maybe just attach the PPT file.
It looks like you can collaborate on Google Docs and then embed in the Wiki.:
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