document created in Word 2007 won't display in Word 2003 -- with 2007 file converter installed

The attached document was created by a user other than me with Word 2007. If I try to open it on my machine with Word 2007, it opens ok. If I try to open it on a computer running Word 2003 with the Office 2007 compatibility pack installed I either get gobbly-gook or a prompt to "select the encoding that makes your document readable" with the default of Turkish. I'd upload the file but it has a .xml extension and Experts-Exchange doesn't allow those to be uploaded.

Any ideas how to make this document viewable by Word 2003?
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The compatibility pack doesn't always work either. They may have done something in the document formatting that it just isn't able to convert. The easiest fix may be to contact the user and ask them to save a 97-2003 version of the file for you to work with.
Did you restarted the PC after the compatibility pack was installed?

The compatibility pack requires a reboot of the PC
You can also open it your self and then save it in 92-2003 type
GordonPrinceAuthor Commented:
Looks like there's something in the one document that won't allow it to display on computers without Word 2007. On my computer I have Word 2003 and Word 2007 installed. I can open the document with either version of Word.
On the client computers, without Word 2007 they can't open the document that started all this trouble. But they can open other documents created in Word 2007 and saved in Word 2007 format. And also documents created in Word 2007 saved in Word 2003 format. So I think it's just something in some of the documents.
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