Intermittant Internet Slow downs

In the morning, when users begin work, sometimes the Internet will be very slow or down for 15-30 minutes.   It usually comes back up again, but we continue to have slow downs that last for several minutes throughout the day.  If we restart our server, the problem goes away for a awhile.  

Here is the setup.  
Internet is static DSL coming into a Linksys Business Router
Router assigns IP addresses
Static DNS addresses for the WAN side supplied by Verizon
LAN DNS is Windows Server 2003 SMB address
Main Server is SMB03
Second server is Windows Server 2003
15 XP pro clients

Question:  Could my DNS setup and DHCP setup (using router) be the problem here?  If so, what should the setup be?
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if there has ben any changes to the backup or the files that are been back up yes it could affect you.

I just finish helping a client how uses mozy to back up online, he istalled a new software about two weeks ago that software creates a backup file daily of about 3GB so mozy was trying to backup 3GB daily in to the mozy server taking all the bandwith of the office.

My solution was to remove the backup folder out of the mozy backup and just get an external HDD and do an onsite backup of that folder
Have you done any firmware update on your router recently???

What type of linksys router do you have?
Do you have any online backup software installed in any of your server?

You can try to check a utility called PRTG traffic grapher to check the bandwith use on your network
ddawsonwAuthor Commented:
After several weeks of dealing with this problem I installed a firmware update to the router.  It did not affect the problem.  It is a Linksys RVS4000.   I noticed today that when I shutdown the server that it had some updates to apply.  This may be part of the solution.  Another change I made was to the DNS LAN settings in the Router.  It has the SMB server set as the DNS server for the LAN and I added a second DNS address that is for the WAN Verizon server.  

I do have online backup going off each night after hours.  But this has been going on for a long time.  Do you think this could have something to do with it?
Try getting a bandwith analizer software and check the bandwith use on your network specially the server

somthing like NetFlow Analyzer   if the bandwith usage is normal then will look in to the server then
ddawsonwAuthor Commented:
I will be back in the office tomorrow and will do this and get back with you.  Thank you.

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