A windows app cannot access an AIX ver 5.3 server via the root user or any other user with root priviliges

A windows app cannot access an AIX ver 5.3 server via the root user  or any other user with root priviliges. He doesn't have the required permission is the message we receive.
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you access the machine as root via some sort of remote login (rlogin, rsh, telnet?)
Perhaps not only the password was changed but also root's remote login disabled (rlogin = false in /etc/security/user on AIX).

Did you stop/start the agent on AIX after the password was changed?
spade99Author Commented:
Aix server running evault backup agent
User changed root password a few days ago and now
the windows management software cannot connect via the root user credentials
You will have to reconfigure the agent's profile via CentralControl.
This is from the manual (it's for creating, but changing is not very different) :
To create an Agent profile, you must have the Workspace selected (highlighted). From
here you may either:
- From the pull down menus, use File -> New Agent, or
- Right click on the workspace, and then click on New Agent (See Figure 2).
This brings up an Agent Properties screen.
- Description: a description meaningful to you.
- Network Address: either the IP or name of the server the Agent software is on.
- Port: the communications port number reserved for this service (the default is
- User name: authentication to communicate with the Agent service.
- Password: password assigned to the user above.
- (Check to save the password): saves the password on this machine with the
- Domain: Windows domain (if applicable).

The complete manual is here:



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spade99Author Commented:
The new password was updated via central control but still connecting to the agent did not work.
The agent listens on port 808 and we can telnet to that port without a problem. However the authentication still fails.

You should not expose root to outside.
Seems like some command is missing suid provolege, or put on non-suid filesys.
spade99Author Commented:
As root we can ssh to the Aix server
Did you stop/start the agent on AIX after the password was changed?
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