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My company is moving our data center.  I was put in charge of a project to do Nic teaming on all of our physical servers that have more than one nic card.  However, I know nothing about Nic teaming.  Does anyone know of a good starting point for me to understand exactly what Nic teaming is and how to perform this on HP servers?  Thanks.
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
NIC teaming allows two (or more) NICS to function as one and boost reliability - while NIC teaming does provide some increase in data throughput, this is normally minimal - so if you are looking at teaming to increase network speeds yopu are going to be disappointed - the big advantage is in redundancy. In order to impliment teaming tou need to have NICs and drivers that support teaming.
nyceuserAuthor Commented:
Thanks...we will be using it more for redundancy, not so much for an increase in data throughput.
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