Microsoft Office Photo Manager Prints Blank Pages

I cannot print a jpg, tiff, png, or gif in Microsoft Office Photo Manager.  I can view the Pictures but I cannot print.  When I click on print I get a blank page both in the preview and in the actual printing.  I can print in Paint but I would like to print in MOPM.
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gif's are usually a small animation? You can't print animations,
Black may indicate unsupported or not correctly loaded in office picture manager, if your using multple folders
Do you have the office Picture manager installed?
You say Office Photo manager.
Which version of OFFICE?<<
the source maybe the problem if you have not copied them correctly to your hard drive and loaded inot Office
From MS Help<< click Help in your Office  check these settings and note if you are following the correct proceedures"
On the File menu, click Print.
Select the pictures you want to work with.
Make sure the folders that contain the pictures you want to work with are displayed in the Picture Shortcuts pane. <<<<
 If the folders aren't listed, add them to the pane.
In the Picture Shortcuts pane, under Picture Shortcuts, click Add Picture Shortcut.
Browse to the folder that contains the pictures you want to work with.
Click Add.
Select the folders containing the pictures you want to work with.
Do one of the following in the Picture Shortcuts list:
To work with pictures in one folder, select the folder.
To work with pictures in multiple folders that are next to each other, select the first folder in the group, hold down SHIFT, and then select the last folder in the group.
To work with pictures in multiple folders that are not next to each other, select one folder, hold down CTRL, and then select each additional folder you want to work with.
When multiple folders are selected, all the pictures from the selected folders are displayed in their current sort order in the preview pane.

rdare23Author Commented:
I am still needing help with this.  
What kind of printer , AND print Driver are you using?
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The issues raised in your other question are almost undoubtedly connected:

"If I try to view a jpg, gif, tiff, or png,  I get a blank screen ..."

If you try to view the images in what programs?  It would appear that the original issue has now been partly resolved if you previously could not see the images in "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" but now can see them.

Right-Click on each of the image types and choose "Preview".  That should open them in the Microsoft Fax and Picture Editor.  What happens?

Open MS Word, use the Insert Picure option, and browse to the image files.  Do they insert?

These are just steps to try and eliminate the possibility of you having corrupt images.  The Microsoft Office Picture Manager loads thumbnail images from inside the image files, but even if a thumbnail image displays correctly, that does not necessarily mean that the full image is not corrupt.

I suggest that you try uninstalling then reinstalling the Microsoft Office Picture Manager program using Maintenance Mode in Add/Remove Programs after selecting Microsoft Office.  You do not ay what version of MS Office you have installed, so I will base the steps below on Office 2003 Pro.  I will take it step by step just in case you have never done this, but you probably have.

- Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Scroll to and click on Microsoft Office.
- Two buttons should show: "Change" and "Remove".
- Click the "CHANGE" button.
- The Windows Installer dialog will show, and will eventually stop at the "Maintenance Mode" options.
- Of the 3 options (Add or Remove Features, Reinstall or Repair, and Uninstall), choose "Add or Remove Features".
- Click the "Next" button and the next dialog should show the Applications currently installed as checked.
- Click to check the "Choose Advanced Customization of Applications" box and click Next
- The "Advanced Customizations" dialog should show the states of the installed components grouped by application.  The drop-down list options are:
Run All From My Computer, Run From My Computer, Installed on First Use, and Not Available.  You may also see Run All From Network and Run From Network if Office was installed from an Administrative Installation Image over a Network.
- Scroll down to and expand the "Office Tools" section and you should see "Microsoft Office Picture Manager".
- Take note of the icon that it is currently showing with and make sure that you can identify whether it is Run From My Computer or Run From Network from the icons in the drop-down list.
- Click the drop-down arrow against that item only and set it to "Not Available" (Red X).
- Click the "Update" button.

This efectively Uninstalls that specific Office Component.

Reboot after it finishes, then go through the sequence again and set it to Run From My Computer or Run From Network, depending on what it was originally set to.  You noted this by matching the icons before removing the component earlier.

If you still have the same issues after that, then let us know and we can take it from there.

I would suggest that the next steps should be a "Detect and Repair" on MS Office, and failing a fix with that, re-registering some Internet Explorer DLLs if applicable.  I have a feeling that Office 2003 uses some shared Internet Explorer DLLs to display the program Window, but I am not sure about Office 2007.
Oh yes, and it would probably be a good idea to run Office Update after reinstalling the component, just in case any of the updates were specifically for this component.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
rdare23Author Commented:
In the end the client did not want to wait for a fix so we installed irfarnview and it worked without issue.
Thank you rdare23.  It's a pity we never got to discover exactly what the problem was, but in the end your client's needs are what dictate the best option to follow.
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