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"Verifying DMI Pool Data" Boots Sometimes and Sometimes not

most of the times when i boot my computer up i get this "Verifying DMI Pool Data....." then it stops at that, if i keep trying to boot up it well boot up... i read up that it could be Corrupt boot files, or BIOS corrupt or misc or my HD....  i don't know which one it is.
1 Solution
Well can you get into your BIOS? if so then your bios is fine. Do you have another computer you setup the hd as a slave to chkdsk /f.  
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
There are about half a dozen possible culprits but you should be able to rule each one out separately until you find the real cause.
A problem with the BIOS settings?
Go to set up and make sure that your hard drive is setup correctly or is set to autodetect.  Check the boot order of devices - move the hard drive to first device in case other drives are producing the error when they are called first. Make sure floppy and optical drives are empty. After testing reset your boot order to Floppy (if you have one), HDD, then Optical (CD/DVD)
A problem with the boot sector?
Set another drive to be first boot device put bootable media in there (Floppy or CD or DVD) and see if that launches OK
If you suspect the master boot record is damaged then try fixing it with fdisk/mbr
BIOS corrupt?
Try resetting the BIOS
a) By going to setup and choosing to load default values saving and restarting
b) By resetting the BIOS jumper on the motherboard
Loose or incorrect cable connection
Unlikley to be wrong as you've not changed anything from when this was working OK but open the case and check that the cable connecting the motherboard and HDD is secure at both ends.
Hard drive failure
If you can boot to another drive but fix/mbr hasn't solved the problem your HDD may be damaged and need replacement.
AceSGAuthor Commented:
also when i shut down, i have to go to start shut down like 3 times untell it starts to shut down/reboot.
well Windows CD work to boot up
i would start by testing the basics: ram and disk
download ubcd, and run memtest86+ and the disk diag you need
from there, we can carry on

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