Outlook:Logon to incoming mail server (POP3) - Failed Send email message - completed

I have a desktop and a laptop using MS Outlook 2007. With the same settings (as far as I can see)
for an email address linking via POP with our server, the laptop succeeds and the desktop fails with a test message. In the popup window "Test Account Setttings", appears first straight away:
"Outlook:Logon to incoming mail server (POP3)  - Failed "   and then below,
"Send email message  - completed"

The error is :Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Cannot find the e-mail server. Verify the server information in your account properties.

Any ideas?
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ExpertsTrepAuthor Commented:
Solved this one finally! There were two problems: the first was that the particular mail server for this account had been moved to a new host and settings had inadvertently been changed and the second was that II had installed Kaspersky and it was blocking this particular account.

Thanks for your help, forushevsky.
open command prompt and try to ping server that is listed as your POP3 server

it might be that DNS setting are different between desktop and laptop, or POP3 server defined is the hosts file on one machine but not on another
ExpertsTrepAuthor Commented:
Just to say thanks for the advice but I have noticed that there are other odd things bappening on my PC which I am going to poost a different question about, and which might possibly be affecting Outlolok. I will come back to this issue after I have resolved the other issues.
ExpertsTrepAuthor Commented:
Having now done a clean reinstall of VIsta and MS Office I am checking with the mail server to see if the problem lies there.
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