Symantec can't find "Symantec AntiVirus.msi"

I have been having some trouble fully removing Symantec from one of our clients Servers.  We decided replacing the antivirus for this particular reason and haven't had any luck uninstalling it or even when Symantec Technical Support Remoted in and took a look.  

The Workstations are all fully uninstalled and also ran the Norton Removal Tool and cleaned the registry and common files to be on the safe side.  When I tried the same thing on the server it originally look like it uninstalled but it didn't.  I had to manually go into the server and manually delete the files and folders and registry entries as per the instruction from the Symantec Representative. Once I restarted the server, I keep getting Event Warnings 1001 and 1004 from msiInstaller.
Detection of product '{50E125D1-88E5-48CE-80AE-98EC9698E639}', feature 'SAVUI' failed during request for component '{0ABF6425-272D-4795-9BD8-F2428110EC95}'

Whenever I do anything on the server it starts looking to install Symantec again and it cant find the msi.

I have already gone under the registry under machine\software\microsoft\windows\uninstall and there is no keys indentical in there or anything to do with symantec.

Any Ideas?

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