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Firebird+Zeos+Delphi 7 - Requested Database Driver was not found

Hey all,

Trying to install Firebird with Zeos, so far so good. But when adding a ZConnection and setting Connect to True, I get the following error "Requested Database Driver was not found".

I've put "fbclient.dll" in the project folder.

What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing?
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Okay your Zeos components -- while they are primarily used for Firebird, they are also used for a bunch of other databases. So you have to set your ZConnection component to tell it to look for Firebird Database drivers. Click on your ZConnection component and carefully look at the properties in the object inspector - you should see a setting (I forget its name) where you'll choose Firebird 2.1 or whatever version.
Short of that ask on the Zoeslib forum
MerlaP83Author Commented:
Thank you, that part worked.

New problem though.

I've added a TZConnection, TZQuery, TDBGrid and a TDatasource.

Everything looks fine, but when I try to run it I get the following error "Project1.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with message 'Access violation at address 000000000. Read of address 000000000'.

The db looks fine, created different ones in both FB Maestro as well as Firebird's ISQL.
Access violations are funny things - you need to make sure you are not referencing something that doesn't yet exist (for example referencing a TZQuery that you haven't created yet). Unfortunately I can't give you any help because I don't have all your sourcecode.
If you suspect that it's not your fault, then a look at the Zeoslib forums should shed some light, but frankly I use Firebird and Zeos and never got that problem.
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