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Route traffic from a DMZ server to an internal server on PIX 515E

I have a PIX 515E firewall with 3 interfaces configured, Outside, Inside, and DMZ.  I have a web application run on LAN at "inside" interface, and this server must be run at LAN.  All my web server is deployed at DMZ network.  I want to deploy a portal site at DMZ but all traffic need to route back to that particular web application server at "inside" interface.

For example, the ip of internal web application server is and I am planning to have a portal web site with a public ip on DMZ, all web traffic such as port 80, 8888, 443, etc will be routed back to the server.  

Can I configure PIX to do this way?
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Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
    I hope I understood you right, you actually want to run a portal web site on server at inside, and you want to be able to reach that server at Public IP from Internet correct? Or you want to place that server at DMZ?

KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
there are two servers involved.

Server A - a public server on DMZ which hosting a dumpy or a redirect page.

Server B - an intranet server which host in LAN on inside interface of PIX.

Server B is hosting the actual web site which need to be used.  However; I do not want it directly exposed to public.  If I am not using NAT for address translation between a public ip and a local ip, any other option can do it?
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
no solutions provided
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
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