.net activex control will not install on client computer.

I have created a activex control in .net so I can drag and drop files directly into Internet Explorer to upload.  I created the setup.exe and put it in a cab file.  When I run the setup program on my machine the control works fine, when I try to use the cab file, the web page hangs for a moment then I get the little red x where the control should be.

the cab file contains::  DocClientSideCab.inf and Setup.exe
I am using Visual Studio to create the cab file and to create the setup file.

The control works fine when I manually install it but I need it to install over the web with a cab file.

Thanks for any help.
Here is my inf file:

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The Client Need to have the correct version of .Net installed .. is this the case?

cmcorderAuthor Commented:
No it also will not install on the development machine over the web.
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