Can we use Mosets Tree effectively with Joomla for a multilingual site?

We have a Joomla! 1.5.6 site that uses Mosets Tree 2.0.9 and Joom!Fish  V2.0 (RC). The site is currently bilingual (Arabic and English), and we have plans to include other languages in the near future. Joom!Fish is working fine for translating core Joomla content (articles, modules, etc.), but we haven't found a good way to translate Mosets Tree content, specifically listings.

I believe our developers made use of the information available at (this Zip is only available to paying users of Mosets Tree). This allows us to translate category names in Joom!Fish, but we can't meaningfully translate listings.

The listings are available for translation in Joom!Fish, but the fields for the listings are the default/core Mosets Tree fields (so Address, Web Site, Price, etc.), and not the fields we actually have set up in the custom fields area of the Mosets Tree configuration.

It seems we have three options:

1. Get meaningful integration between Mosets Tree and Joom!Fish, so we can use Joom!Fish to translate the Mosets Tree content. I'm not sure what would be involved here and if this is feasible.

2. Find a way to use Mosets Tree for multilingual content without using Joom!Fish. I wonder, for example, if we might should have separate instances of Mosets Tree in the site for each language. Again, I'm not sure what would be involved here and if this is feasible.

3. Find something other than Mosets Tree that could power our library (that will house Web links, video, documents, etc.) and integrate with Joom!Fish.

We want to avoid a lot of customization, if possible, because of costs, time, and the complication of upgrading in the future.

My searches on the Mosets forum and Joom!Fish forum and general Google searches have not turned up any answers.

Examples of other sites using multilingual directories would be useful.
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carrboroConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Have not really found a great solution to this, though hankknight did at least provide some useful options to consider. Closing the question.
Mosets Tree is a commecial application and they don't make their souce code available to people like us.

So it is very unlikely that you will get any free help for using this commercial Joomla extention.  If you really need help with it you will need to pay Mosets even more money and hope that they respond to your quesitons.

There are several good FREE real estate extentions.  You will get much better help from us if you use one of them.
Look for the items with GPLV2.0 listed as their licence.

I reccomend "Estate Agency" because it ALREADY has good multi-language support as soon as you install it, without any tricks or hacks.
carrboroAuthor Commented:
Dear hankknight,

Thanks for your reply. We're not using Mosets Tree for a real estate. As I mentioned in my original post (but it was buried a bit), we're using it for a library that will house Web links, video clips, manuals, other documents, etc.

Do you have any thoughts on other directory extensions that would work for a library (not real estate listings)?

Thanks again.
hankknightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then I recommend that you use VirtueMart, a free Joomla extension that provide e-commerce support.

You probably won't want to sell things but you can modify VirtueMart to take away the purchasing features.  VirtueMart has very good support for different languages.

Web links, video clips, manuals, other documents could all be added as items without a price, and placed in various categories.  VirtueMart would make it easy for people to browse by category, search and find what they were looking for.  There is a very active support community that will help you modify it to make it meet your needs:

carrboroAuthor Commented:
Thanks, hankknight. We'll take a look to see if it looks like VirtueMart might fit the bill....
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