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Exchange 2007 - Which Version am I running?


First of all, our Exchange Server seams to be running smoothly, so this is no issue that requires immediate attention. Still, I'm kind of confused about all the version numbers I found today.

Like a good admin is supposed to, I'm trying to keep my servers as up to date as possible. Today I installed the Exchange 2007 SP 1 Rollup Update 6, released on February 10th by MS. We have only one Exchange Server, which has all three roles (Mailbox, Hub Transport, Client Access) and is also the OWA server. The virtual machine (VmWare ESX 3.5) is running Windows Server 2008 Std x64. We do not run an Edge Server.

The update took a while to install (40 minutes or so), but completed successfully. I only was a bit confused by two things during the install.
First: The service Microsoft Exchange Information Store never actually stopped. The status was "Stopping" during the whole update and even after it finished, the status was still "Stopping". Store.exe was always active in the Task Manager, but hardly produced any CPU load. However, I wondered how the MsiInstaller is able to update the Store.exe if it was always running during the update procedure.
Second: I found some (like 20) events in the Application Log. They're "Informations", not warnings or even errors, but they're still a bit concerning: "Product: Microsoft Exchange Server. The file D:\Exchange Server\Bin\store.exe is being used by the following process: Name: store , Id 2256."

So I started digging a little and I found no less than four different versions without actually digging that deep. Note that these are all on the very same machine:
1. & 2. In OWA, under Options / About, I found "Outlook Web Access version: 8.1.340.0", but "Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:".
3. In the Exchange Management console under Help / About, the version is 8.1.336
4. The fileversion of store.exe is 8.1.338

Is it possible that the rollup update only updated parts of my installation? But which version is actually running? How do I get them all to the same version? Or is that not necessary at all?
And: can anyone check his versions of those four things and post them here?

Any help and ideas are appreciated.
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2 Solutions
If you suspect the rollup didn't complete correctly, then just stop all of the Exchange services, remove it and then stop the Exchange services again and then restart it.

The version numbers you are seeing are not matching what I am seeing, so it would seem that the update didn't take effect correctly. Remove and reinstall.

Scripting_GuyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your inputs. I used the Get-ExchangeServer cmdlet (thanks to gupnit), and it give me "AdminDisplayVersion               : Version 8.1 (Build 240.6)".

8.1.240 seams to be the Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup Update 0, which would mean that none of all the rollup updates I've installed (and I installed everyone once they were released) actually went though properly. Although this is a possibility, I think the odds are quite small.

I will follow Mestha's advice during our next scheduled maintenance period (thursday night) and stop all services, remove the Rollup Updates and reinstall it. I'll report back to you guys by then.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to post any more thoughts.
Scripting_GuyAuthor Commented:
I know, its almost two month ago, but I did not get the time to actually preform the upgrade until just now with Rollup Update 7.

The Result: I still got a lot of different version numbers, but this time i'm sure that the update went through smoothly. Apparently, it did so last time too.

So, this is working as intended. I will split the points between you two guys equally.

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