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I have a cx88 based IR remote control (Leadtek winfast), it sends data from /dev/input/event7
The problem in the following: some keys on it do not send any scancode , because (excuse me for using terms I don't fully understand) their value bigger then 128.
`showkey -s` does not return any value when I press those buttons.
`showkey -k` returns some three byte sequences on each key (and it has nothing common).
`evtest` shows all the possible keys with some codes, but they are all different from those I see in `showkey -s`. I only can say, the values for those keys which without scancodes more then 256.
My question - is it possible to make those keys send some scancodes after all?
If yes, then how?

I know I can try to use LIRC daemon or inputlirc, but I want to understand how wide the keyboard subsystem can be configured.
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zc2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found a solution in using the following software: 

It understands Linux Event layer (those evtest returns) and can either translate them to X keys events or directly execute some shell commands.
I still wonder, is there a standard solution, though.
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