Scheduled vcbmounter scripting question.?

I want to run a scheduled task to run a vcbmounter full vm backup, my question is how can I let the script maintain the abilty update VM full backups automatically?
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za_mkhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you look at the command, it is acutally multiple commands sent on one line..

for /f tokens=2 delims=: %%i in (vcbvmname -h -u administrator -p password -s Powerstate:on ^| find name:) do @rd /s /q D:\Backups\All\%%i &vcbmounter -h -u administrator -p password -a name:%%i -r D:\Backups\All\%%i -t fullvm > D:\Backups\All\%%i.log

 The bold section is the command that deletes the directory to which the previous backups were made and the bold italic section is that command that starts the backups again recreating the destination that was removed previously.

Hope this makes sense.
Could you rephrase your question?
If I understand you correctly, you want to create a scheduled task that does. Normally it is easy in the sense that the command you use to backup your VM via VCB can be put into a bat/cmd file and then be configured to execute at certain intervals via scheduled tasks.
This funky script from Duncan Epping could also help you :-
cap7Author Commented:
That is a interesting script. I am wondering how if once th basic fullvm script runs, how can it run again when the destination is still there from last time?
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