Scripting "add additional drivers" to win2k3 print server

We are trying to add 64-bit drivers to a Windows 2003 Print server. We have over 200 printers on the print server. I can do this by hand, but obviously, this is a major headache. Does anyone know a way to script adding the drivers in to the printers instead of going to each printer and going through the manual steps?

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Mikael JanssonCommented:
You can do it in several ways but regardless of what method used you need to have some sort of listing of driver names, driver files on disk, etc.
Method 1 - prndrvr.vbs
Windows has some vb-scripts built-in that is located in c:\windows\system32 and one of them is prndrvr.vbs this can be used to do that work and you find the reference of it here...
Method 2 - rundll32 printuidll
You can do the same bu calling printui.dll with rundll32, you find a word document with the reference to download from Microsofts homepage, see link below

you can also from the command prompt run this command to get help and examples.
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?
Good luck!
/ Mikael
Mikael JanssonCommented:
...and of course you have to do a script that loops through all drivers you need to install so you point to correct driver name and filepath where driver (inf-file) is located.
/ Mikael
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