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Hello all,

I'm looking for a fax software that can dynamically query a database (Oracle 9i) and then fax out with the results of that query. I am trying to automate the faxing out of customer statements where all customers would get a statement on the 5th of the month. The database contains the relevant fax numbers, customer names, amounts due, what have you. I want to avoid having my users print out batches of statements then have re-key fax numbers into software.

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missed a point: as for the prevention of re-keying, i think SQL-RD would be a better option, possibly you can get an OLDB data connector for it? 'cause it can directly query a database and grab <info>+<fax> number, turn <info> into <report> and then fax it to <faxnumber>. It's also got sequential/batch scheduling so you could have one batch that just generates reports and stores the reports location in the database and then another one that (at a specific time on the 5th) just grabs the completed report and fax number one at a time.

-- chris
crystal reports

Use crystal reports to connect to your database and grab all the information (and format/etc..) your (what ever you want to fax out). The report should basicly return the report for each user you want to report on for the specified period.

Then use CRD to schedule the generation/faxing of those reports.

You said oracle specifically so this might not be an option, but SQL-RD does all of the above in one operation but requires and SQL server, so if you want to write something that grabs the oracle info and reformat it into SQL before your report runs this could work too:

between3and90Author Commented:
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the links. I'll try this path and see if it's workable for us.
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