Exchange 2003 database exceeds 18GB

Hi folks,a few days ago my exchange mailbox got dismounted.have noticed that when server is rebooted everything works fine but at night it gets dismounted again.
event viewer shows the attached.Database exceeded size limit if 18GB.
Please advise on what can be done to fix this problem.
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you need to do is follow above to increase to 75GB, but I would say increasing limit to 75 GB would not be a permanent solution. For a permanent solution, refer to couple of links where I had answered earlier.
Let me know
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
amuletaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The limit for that server is 18Gigs.  Here's how you increase it with a registry entry.
Musafeer79Author Commented:
thanks mate,will try this on the system tonight & get back.
You can also do the following.

Create multiple stores like (Directors, Managers, etc)
Then you move the mailboxes to the following stores been created.
Once done, dismount store and run eseutil /d to defrag the store.

This will help you one day if one of your mailbox stores died on you you will have some users that can work and not the entire company.
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