Login Authenticates to Guest in Business Objects 3.1

We are trying to use AD authentication with Business Objects , when a user log's in using SSO / AD authentication
(eg just clicks the logon button) . The user authenticates as guest.

How do we make this authenticate using the users login id and not guest (we have setup Alias for AD authentication as well.

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adammet04Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

It seems like you have to logon in order to use AD.

I did get AD authentication working by altering the web.config for the website for the info view app.

I will close this question because i havent had anyone provide an adequate solution
Is this essentially the same question as the one I have...

Quite simply, from start to finish;
How do you get Single Sign On to work with Business Objects v3.1?
adammet04Author Commented:

Im not sure how much further you are along, but i now can have the user log in by entering their AD account when logging in via info view

Closing the webpage and navigating back does pass through the log in back. but i cannot get the automatic log in to the system

you should check out www.forumtopics.com/busobj
I need to find out whether we are using AD (Active Directory right?) or not...

But what my team are trying to acheive is not having to logon to infoview at all, i.e. so the user doesn't have to enter anything.
I guess it's just like cookies mean I don't have to login to EE! Just click a link and your there.

With BOXI 1.0 this is the case, but now we're testing BOXI 3.1 it doesn't seem to pick up the users info from windows, you have to enter it, which is a right pain.
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