data recovery from failed drive

Have a customer who's hd has failed, it's seemingly a mechanical issue. bios of computer sees the drive, but recovery tools like OnTrack and Prosoft do not see the drive (nor can I see it using Acronis Disk director, etc.). However, I can run a SMART utility from DOS and the drive status is displayed.

What's the best "hammer" to use for this before I send the drive out?
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aknasinskiAuthor Commented:
drive was dead.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You can try spinrite from
i recommend sending it out, the more you try to do to the drive, the more damage you can do in the long run.

i have used file scavenger in the past, but only when windows sees the drive.
If none of the utils you've tried can see it then send it out.

You may wish to try swapping in another logic board.  See on how one user did it.
RTools RStudio should be able to handle it if the BIOS can see the drive.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You can also try the freezer trick, by putting it in a zip lock bag and then the freezer for an hour.

Then quickly connect it and see if you can get the data off of it. You can also use ice packs to extend(keep it colder longer). This is usually a one shot deal.
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