Oracle 10g on windows will suddenly hang and user connections will not connect

I have the weirdest thing....I don't think anybody will solve the issue, but I am looking for a place to start. I have an Oracle 10g instance on Windows 2003 server. The database has been working fine for a while. Recently, though the database will just appear to hang, the services are all running just fine, and TNSPING works to the database, however when the application tries to connect, it will timeout. When I try to use SQLplus /nolog to connect for testing I don't get any indication that the database is down, however I never the the "connected" output that I normally get when I connect. Nor do I get the "connected to an idle instance" like I have in the past when then app times out. I fix this by restarting the oracle services through the window services.msc applet. Where can I even start looking to fix this issue?

Thanks experts!
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Shaju KumbalathDeputy General Manager - ITCommented:
u can check alertlog,listerner log for any trace files generated.Also check event viewer for any application or system errors.
Shaju KumbalathDeputy General Manager - ITCommented:
oradim -delete -sid sidname

oradim -new -sid sidname
sqlagent007Author Commented:
Is there any logging I can do to see what triggers this issue?
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