Exchange Ent or archiving

i have exchange 2003 standard which reach 75 G the maximum limitation of the DB am know thinking in two :
1. enterprise exchange license : but am a afraid that after this DB become bigger & bigger it will be risky & it will be slow so it will enforce me to update my H.W

2.archiving : to do automatically archiving & put the location in the server but it will be less security than that option also it will make it much difficult to manage & not all the emails will be a available on the OWA

so could you please advice me to which direction shall i go or give me a new option

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You didn't understand what I wrote.
You have to compare the costs of buying Exchange 2007 Enterprise so that you can downgrade to Exchange 2003 Enterprise, compared to the costs of buying Exchange 2007 Standard and new hardware.


Have you looked at the Barracudia Message Archiver?

Is your database so large because you have a lot of users or users don't delete e-mail?

here is some options you might want to consider

Archive Manager -
Exchange Archive Solution -
EmailXtender -
Enterprise Vault -
You cannot purchase Exchange 2003 any longer, so you will need to purchase Exchange 2007 and use downgrade rights.
However Exchange 2007 STANDARD has unlimited database sizes, which means you will not need Enterprise edition.
Therefore when you are comparing costs you should look at the costs/benefits of staying with Exchange 2003 and an archiving solution, a migration to Exchange 2007b standard (and the new hardware involved). In the current environment, it would be foolish to purchase Exchange 2007 Enterprise when it might be cheaper to buy Exchange 2007 standard and new hardware.

Creative08Author Commented:
dear Mestha ,

ok that is good , but again if i downgrade it to 2003 it will have the same restrict as i think
since the restriction is on the DB not  on the licence it will remain the same
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