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Ive installed win 2003 as a server as a domain,  and although in components the "Internet Explorer Security is set for Users & groups" to restrict access, whether I remove these in components or leave them be.  I can still not get an internet page up.

Ive also added for example: to the Trusted zone, but still cannot get internet access.

My server's network cable is attached to a hub.  From the hub to my DLInk router.  From DLink router it is attached to my broadband modem to my ISP.

The DLink has only in the firewall got entries for port telnet port 23 & Mail port 25, the other 3 are set by default.  Other than that everything else is set by default.  Can anyone help?
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mikey250Author Commented:
yes can access internet now.  I did remove components users & groups but what I should have done was close the browser and reopen and now can access internet.
if you go start run type ping do you get any results if not try to ping you may have a dns issue with your server not resolving ip address's to names If you are able to ping that address try to navigate there through IE. This is always a good place to get started
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Presumably you have set up the DC to point to itself as the DNS server (this is the way it MUST be set up)
Ahve you added a forwarder to point to your ISPs DNS server for external lookups ? see
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mikey250Author Commented:
hi KCTS: & ssnow0016: - I can now ping &

yes the forwarders tab is slightly different to win 2000, but on that tab it shows:

DNS Domains:
all other dns domains has been added

smtp above has been added presumably when I was adding the smtp in my recipient policies.
& below, these IP Addresses have been added which are my Home ISP DNS addresses:

Note: Because Ive set up my server & exchange for simulation for the time being on ONE pc called: for example

ive bought my own domain name with 123reg & called it:

this is so I can send email externally out of my domain to any friend or whoever I want.

ive setup a client host pc on the domain and I can send & receive internally but not external. I have though another expert who is currently looking for me but hopefully will speak later today.

weve confirmed OWA can send an email on my exchange server as a test to my personal ISP External Email address.

but as I said when on my client pc using MS Outlook external email want go, so still I havent confirmed that Port 25 in this sense is actually working.

Ive rang my ISP and although Im a residual customer they say that port 25 should always be open.

Ive also ran a: ehlo and my server shows all relevant files that SMTP has installed on server properly.
do you have your mx records for the domain setup?This could be causing your email issues as well. but back to the other problem at hand. now that you are able to ping address's are you able to browse the internet now?
Glad you got it working let us know if there is anything else we can do for you let us know.
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