Remove Exchange 2003 and Public Folders

We've successfully migrated to Exchange 2007 from Exchange 2003.
For a couple of Weeks I had them both up and running with a connector between
Ex2003 and Ex2007. I've managed to remove the connector, moved all mailboxes to the new server and it has its own Smtp Receive and Send connector.

The problem came when uninstalling/removing the Exchange 2003 servers. I've deleted all the services, old mailbox databases and - what I thaught - removed the public folder.

But it seems like the whole organization still tries to use the Public Folder Database on Ex2003. It won't let me uninstall it from the System Manager snap-in on the Ex2003 server. Also when trying to remove the "ex2003" from our AD as a mailserver it says it can't be removed.

I had a lot of conference rooms published as calendars on in the old public folders, those can be seen under the "public folder" tree on the outlook clients. But when trying to display them, it says there is a network error (understandable since i've removed the ex2003 server).

But why are they still there? I have moved all users to the ex2007 server and set them to go to the public folders located on the new server..?

Is there a way to "clear" the public folder on the new server and force all clients to update itself. And then remove the old server?

I've attched three screen shots of the problem.

1st picture is trying to remove the ex2003 server from the AD. It says it can't be found. Any other way to delete it from the AD?

2nd is when I try to remove the public folder from ex2003.

3rd is public folder on ex2007 - the one i want all users to have, but without the old ex2003 information in it.

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