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How to duplicate XP Embedded


I there a special way to duplicate XP Embedded to other machines.
Can i simply use ghost or other similar software in order to do that?
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Hi yarshw,

I've used Macrium Reflect in the past, there's a free version which has the functionality for cloning Windows and it's pretty simple to use.  You can download it here:


Once you've created the image, you then need to create a boot disk which will allow you to roll out the image on to other machines.  It has instructions on how to do this, I use BartPE to create the boot disk, here are the instructions:


Hope this is of some use.
yarshwAuthor Commented:
Thanks Richard for your rapid reply.

before i try i just want to clarify my conflict.
we tried to used several software and hardware like acronis, ghost, etc, all of those cause
i heard two things that i don't sure if they are correct:
1. there is a special tool for duplicate XP Embedded image.
2. If you will duplicate with standard software such Ghost, you'll have an activation problem within XX days.

What do you think?
I'd imagine you need the relavent licences, as activation used hardware serial info I think to authenticate the licence. Copying it to a new machine will void that data, and 30 days later you need to re-activate it.  I'd also imagine that you'd need like for like hardware in each machine to work flawlessly.

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Hi yarshw,

Can you please explain exactly what you mean when you say embedded image?  Microsoft does have tools for creating OEM style unattended installs, which maybe what you're looking for.  Have a look at this, it may help:


As for question 2, if you're duplicating onto the same spec hardware you shouldn't have any activation problems but another solution would be to create a ghost image using sysprep, which would make the image hardware independent.  This article may help:


Hope this points you in the right direction.

yarshwAuthor Commented:
Isn't the license come with xp embedded purchase?
i must avoid reactivate after 30 days since the product send to customer and not all of
them connect the machine to a network.

Hi yarshw,

Can you confirm what you'll be installing Windows onto?
You need to seal your XPe image for mass cloning. License for every images need to be purchase from Microsoft. This is different from XP embedded studio license.
Depending on what exactly you want to do, this may also be away to 'clone':

Create your windows XPE image (providing the *runtime* license key in the target designer), let FBA run and finish off the complete windows set up.
Attach the compactflash or disk or whatever you use as drive for you win XPE to a linux machine and make an image simply using 'dd'.
Now you can 'dd' the image onto your other devices/drives.

If you provide the runtime license key in target designer, your image will not expire...
Supposing you bought a microsoft XPE license for each of your devices, you can deploy it that many times. Not however that if you clone it this way, you get into trouble if they are all attached to the same local network, since they will have the same windows name (and windows networking doesn't like that).
Glen KnightCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See my comment at the end of the question for more details.
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