I have several IPSEC LAN-to-LAN VPN's. When there is no traffic going down the tunnel the VPN shows as down. How do I configure a keepalive so this won't happen?

Is seems when there is no traffic going down the tunnel of the VPN it show as down until traffic is initiated again.  I notice this mostly on my Pix 506E and my ASA 5505's.  What is the proper way to configure a keepalive so this will not happen.  Thanks
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it depends if there is traffic between ur sites;
u can configure ur router to build the tunnel even if there is no traffic
which is applied to ur dialer interface
dialer idle-timeout 300
>>>> 300 is time required for the tunnel before going up
u can use this also
crypto isakmp keepalive ....
To allow the gateway to send dead peer detection (DPD) messages to the peer, use the crypto isakmp keepalive command in global configuration mode. To disable keepalives, use the no form of this command.

crypto isakmp keepalive seconds [retries] [periodic | on-demand]

no crypto isakmp keepalive seconds [retries] [periodic | on-demand]

The following example shows how to configure DPD messages to be sent every 60 seconds and every 5 seconds between retries if the peer does not respond:

crypto isakmp keepalive 60 5


u can also creat a script file to make a ping command from one of the PEERS lan side

This is the way it is designed. It times out after a certain amount of time with no traffic and drops the tunnel. It comes back up almost instantly as soon as there is traffic, so there shouldn't be any problem.
you can always setup a script on a PC to ping something across the vpn, say a printer that's always on, every 5 minutes or so and just let the script run on a loop.
Crossroads305Author Commented:
I will try the "crypto isakmp keepalive" statement and see if this will solve the problem.  Thanks
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