Small Business Server 2003 Licensing: MMC could not create snap-in

I have just reloaded an SBS 2003 installation from a backup after a hardware failure of the motherboard.  I got an error in the Application event log that told me that license usage was nearing the maximum, so I went to check the licensing MMC to see that my CALs were there after the restore.  What I found instead is that when I launched the Licensing MMC from the Administrative Tools window, I got the error in the MMC console that "MMC could not create the snap-in."

Based on other ideas that I'd found on the net, I tried both uninstalling/reinstalling the .net framework and I tried to download and install the Adminpak.msi (both locally on the server console and on my management workstation which is a Windows XP SP3 system).  The licensing MMC for SBS isn't a part of the Adminpak anyway, and the adminpak would not load on the SBS 2003 console, so that got me nowhere.

I'm open to suggestions for a next step ... let me know if any more information is needed.  It's an SBS 2003 server, SP2.
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I wonder, maybe the setup can fix this, try this:
Insert the Windows 2003 SBS installation CD. click on the "Install
Now" option and the "Continue Setup" icon should appeared on the desktop.
Finish the installation.
did you try this?
read: On a server that has a processor that supports hardware-based data execution prevention, the Small Business Server Add Licensing Wizard may crash

To work around this problem, add the Add Licensing Wizard to the list of exceptions for DEP. To view the DEP settings, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
Click the Advanced tab.
In the Performance section, click Settings. The Performance Options dialog box appears.
Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
Click Add to add the Small Business Server Add Licensing Wizard to the list of exceptions.
Locate the Activation.exe file. Typically, this file is in the following folder:
C:\Program files\Windows for Small Business Server\Licensing
Click OK to add this file to the list of exceptions.
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Naga_JolokiaAuthor Commented:
Ok .. with further research into this, I've found that the Licensing folder in the SBS directory under Program Files doesn't even exist right now.  No wonder the licensing snap in wouldn't run in the MMC - the DLL isn't there because the directory that it is supposed to be in isn't even there!

Could this be a product of the presence or lack thereof of any of the R2 technologies installation?  We aren't currently running the R2 technologies on the server because we had other solutions in place to handle services on our network (for now) and if I can get things to work in a Kosher manner we will likely look to leverage the additional features of the R2 technologies in the future.  Would installation of that portion of the product help/potentially help with this?

Thanks for your input!

Naga_JolokiaAuthor Commented:
The server has a database that's in use for now.  In a few hours after the regular staff have gone I can play with the server and try that out.  For now, I can't interrupt use.  I will post results as soon as I have a chance to.


Naga_JolokiaAuthor Commented:
Re-running the SBS installation cleared the problem by replacing the necessary components.
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