Unable to open switchboard, print report

I have probably corrupted database.  When I was open reports I was having messages error accessing files, network connection may have been lost.  I have read everything about this error on this and microsoft site regarding setting property "Has Module" of the report to "NO".
However, currently I have this error when I'm trying to open switchboard and this means that I simply cannot open database.
Setting property on every report and form is time consuming since I have too many reports and forms in one database.  Most of them have vba code on open event like "docmd.maximize"
I tried to reimport all objects to the new database.  It's not working.  Is there faster way then setting property "Has Module" to No on every form and report of the old database and then re-importing to the blank database
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
What third party software?
The link is just a procedure.

If you hold down the shift key untill the Database is fully open, then you will bypass all of the startup options.
If you press the F11 key the Database window should open.

Keep us posted.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

First, setting the HasModule property to No on each Form or Report will destroy any code you have and it will have to be re-written.
Setting this property to NO is a *suggestion*, only in the worst of circumstances when you cannot open a form or report.
You should always try Non-destructive ways of reparing you database first.

1. Try running the "Compact/Repair"Utility
2. Try a decompile: http://www.granite.ab.ca/access/decompile.htm
3. Delete the swichboard form and delete it from the Startup options.
Create your own Form to open the various database objects.
If you use the button wizard for this, you can perform all of the operations the switchboard manager was doing.

Keep us posted.


maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
Jeff, you are right, but I'm not allowed to use 3rd party software.
I was trying to decompile it and it was useless.
I was replacing switchboard from the backup. (Did not remove it from startup option though)  Switchboard on backup database is working fine, once I put it to the server - same thing.  

BTW, how to open database window if I have problem with startup form (switchboard or anything like that)
maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, One Corrupted report was causing problem.  Took time to figure out.

'* Prepare record for update
Jeff, would you please tell me whether Access 2000 can recognize this line of Code.  I have complains during debugging
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

1. "would you please tell me whether Access 2000 can recognize this line of Code."
As you know, you are only allowed one question per post.
Is your original issue:
"Unable to open switchboard, print report"
...now resolved?

2. Becase you have not posted the snippet in it's full context, or stated what errors you are recieving, it is hard to tell.

3. Please close this question by accepting your own post. (http:#a23821521)

4. Then post this new issue in a brand new question.


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