BackUp Exec stopping service and unable to live update

I have an installation of Veritas/ Symantec Backup Exec. ver 11. on SBS 2003 sp1
 The problem is that the backup exec services keep stopping and so no backups run.
The stopping of the services does not place an entry in the event viewer.
The second problem which i think might be related is that in the alert tab it repetivley shows "live update error". no updates install and i have noticed that service packs are also not installing.

It might be important to mention that we have endpoint protection and Information foundation Mail Secuirty for Microsoft Exchnage installed on the same server. The enpoint protection recieves live updates and i have turned off live update for the mail secuirty as it uses the database updated from live update.
I have attached a screen shot of the live update error and the bkupinst.log file which seems to log errors to do with live update.
Any help on this one would be really great as im a getting no where fast. I have rang symantec but as we dont have a suppport contract for this application they wont help. i have posted on thier forrums but have had no reply
thanks in advance

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Rodney BarnhardtConnect With a Mentor Server AdministratorCommented:
I know with Server 2003, Microsoft started something called Data Execution Prevention. Basically, it may shut down services or applications it deems as a potential problem. If you right click on My Computer, click on the Advanced Tab, then click the Settings radio button under Performance, there is the Data Execution Prevention tab. Click on that. Now if it has previously shut it down, it will be listed there, and you can set an exception here to keep that from happening. That pretty much solved my problem. As far as the updates, read through the links he provided since he is a Symantec Certified Specialist.
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
By chance, is it the Backup Exec engine that the service keep stopping on?
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
As far as you update failures, what service pack level are you on? At least one of these requires SP3 for BackupExec:
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VeerleftAuthor Commented:
Hi rbarnhardt thanks for getting back to me.
In reply to your first point yes it is stopping the exec engine service and this then stops all its dependencies, do you know why this is happenning?

On the second point we are on Service pack 3 and when i checked installed updates it says hot fix 47 and 48 are installed.
Do you think is should find sp4 download and install manually?
VeerleftAuthor Commented:
just to let you know i tried installing manually and this was unsucessfull. i also trtied installing the last update that did not install and that also did not install
VeerleftAuthor Commented:
thanks rbarnhardt:you were correct it was in the data exection prevention list so i took it out of there.
the update issue is still not resolved and the link that were posted did not relate to the exact issue i had.
I am going to rip out and put backup exec back as i do not want to waste any more time. thanks again
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