Create virtual domain, server, and clients all on one pc

I'm looking to setup a virtual domain one a single pc to test anti virus programs.  The pc is on a network but is not connected to the domain.  Before I go into great detail, I would like to know if this is possible without interfering with my current physical network.  I am using VMWare products currently, but if Virtual PC would work better I am open to switching.  Thanks.
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This is possible.

In VMWare Server, you will need to setup a Host only network
In Virtual Server 2005, an internal network is needed.
In Virtual PC, you will need to setup a Local Only network

Each one of these options will keep the network traffic limited to only the host / guest or guest only and will not interfere with external network communication.
Well, talking about Microsoft products, very good memory management. Though they don't provide you much of options, I prefer using MS Vitrual PC 2007 or MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.

The only draw back I can say is MS VS or VPC cannot host a x64 bit guest though running a x64 Host.

As far as the network isolation is concerned, all of them are good. Just enable MS loop back adapter and connect the Virtual network to it so that you can have the communication with the guest OS's.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
OK, seems to work in theory, but I can never set a default gateway on my virtual server, it just resets after i close the network connection window.
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Which is the adapter you give the gateway address on? is that a Virtual adapter, physical adapter or the Loop Backup adapter?

Please let me know the following:

1. What is the Physical NIC's IP address
2. Did you already installed MS Virtual Server?
3. Did you create a loop back adapter. Follow the link to create a Loop back adapter
4. You dont need to provide a gateway address unless you want the VM's to communicate with other subnets (Which you dont want I guess)

There will be Virtual NICs for each of the VM, they will be connected to a specific Virtual Network. That virtual network is going to be connected to the loop back adapter isolating your VM's to the local host PC.

The setup will be like:
MS Loop Back will have an IP address of All your VM's will be assigned with 192.168.1.x ip address so that they can communicate. Dont need to specify a gateway address. just provide IP address, Subnect mask and DNS address if you are going to have a Domain.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
1.) Physical IP provided by DHCP-
2.) Running Server 2008 Through VMWare Server
3.) Not yet.
4.) If I don't assign a static Ip within the virtual server, DNS does not install correctly.

I'm using this setup to test various antivirus applications, so I need client vm's to communicate the virtual server.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
I also need these vm's to have internet access
hindsightAuthor Commented:
Maybe I'm not explaning this clearly enough- I have a dell workstation.  Installed on that workstation is vmware sever.  Running in vmware is a 2008 server, and a xp machine.  I want both of these pc's to have internet access, and setup a domani between the two to test server controlled antivirus programs
When you say that the Gateway configuration gets reset, is that config just getting wiped off and the Gateway column is blank?

You don't need a loop back in case you want to access internet

All you have to do is:
1. Go to the virtual network configuration, connect the virtual network to the physical NIC
2. Now configure each of your VM's to connect to the Virtual network which is connected to your physical NIC
3. Add additional NICs to your VMs and let them get a dynamic IP from your production DHCP (This is because you want internet access)

Create access control list at your switch to limit the access for these VM's only to the internet. In case you have a proxy in your network, then allow the connection only to the proxy so that they stay isolated from your production network.

There is no way to get internet access to VMs without providing a gateway IP which connects to the internet. Above mentioned is one of the ways to isolate the VMs from the production network.
Please update whether you have configured your NIC to fetch IP via DHCP or you have set static IP.
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