Duplicated OU Structure in AD Possibly caused by Exchange?

My AD/Exchange Environment has gone through a number of upgrades over the years.
Exchange 5.5 - 2003 and now finally to 2007.

One thing that's bugged me for a while, I think since we were on Exchange 2003, is that in "Active Directory Users and computers" under the Users Container, I can see an entire duplicate of my OU structure which is empty. So, just the containers, replicated exactly as you see it under the Forest Level. The containers contain no users or computers, it's just a complete copy of the OU structure, but with nothing in it.

Does anyone know why these empty containers might be there?

Many Thanks.
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rich835Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well you were right mate, no harm was done!
I deleted a load of the duplicates and everything is fine.
Have you been the admin the entire time?  Exchange would not create OU's like that.. It could have been caused by a bunch of things.. if nothing is in them then just remove them.
rich835Author Commented:
Yeah I've been the admin always. I have a feeling it happened when we went from Exchange 5.5 - 2003.
Possibly something to do with the AD Connector that we used to have?
The only other thing I can think of, is if it's something to do with the Lotus notes connector we also have.
Perhaps I'll try deleting one of them and see, but I was hoping someone else might have seen it first, just for a bit of re-assurance!
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I understand.. an OU is no more than a file folder like for the file structer.. someplace to put objects then add permissions to them.. if they are empty then it is like having an empty file folder.  The 5.5 - 2003 could very well be where it began.. but a complete structure like that sounds like a export/import of the structure..
rich835Author Commented:
Ok, well apart from a complete structure of the forest level stuff, I've just noticed another one there called "Microsoft Exchange System Objects". This doesn't exist anywere else, but again it's empty. Does that give any more clues as to what might have happened?
DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To view the Microsoft Exchange System Objects container in Active Directory Users and Computers, on the View menu, click Advanced Features.

Yes I would say this was from your ADC back from the 5.5 migration.
rich835Author Commented:
Ok, that's filled me with a bit more confidence now, cheers.
I'll try deleting a couple of things (after a good backup!) and see if all is still well.
5.5 is long gone now, and 2003 is almost gone as well, so I'm in tidy-up mode :-)
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