Can I use Exchange OWA with two ISP connectors?

I have a customer that is a part of a charity organisation. The organisation has installed an ADSL line with a firewall which we cannot touch. They have a Windows 2003 server running Exchange 2007. They use a smart host to send mail through the existing ADSL line and email is delivered through the provider via SMTP to the Exchange server. I cannot change any of these existing settings.
The customer needs to use Outlook Web Access (OWA) but the organisation will not open HTTPS on the router/firewall.
The customer had installed a 2nd ADSL line and wants to use this solely for OWA. I have installed another firewall but I cannot get OWA to function unless it is using the new firewall as its gateway.
Is there any way of using OWA by coming in on the new ADSL line which is not the Exchange servers Gateway?
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That is correct behaviour. You either need a second Exchange server or a dual WAN port router. Exchange needs to have the default gateway set correctly.

However as a smart host is in use then you could set the default gateway as the second connection, then add a route to the server to route traffic for the IP address of the smart host via the other gateway.

Drop in to a command prompt or use the online help to look at the commandset for

route /?

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