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Office Communications Server 2007 services won't start

I think I have been starring at my screen for too long so I'm hoping another pair of eyes on this error will help...  I am unable to start all OCS services.   The server is Windows 2003 sp2 running only OCS and Sharepoint.  SQL server is on different server.  A caveat is that there is an old LCS 2005 server on my BDC that was installed by the person before me.  He had set all the users accounts to sip:username@domain.com.  I moved them to the new pool in ocs 2007.  Everything was working immediately after install but now, I can't start any of the services for OCS.  Error code(s) below.  Thanks in Advance...
vent Type:	Error
Event Source:	OCS Server
Event Category:	(1000)
Event ID:	12326
Date:		2/24/2009
Time:		8:20:08 AM
User:		N/A
Failed starting the protocol stack. The service has to stop
Error code is:0xC3EA5008 (Server could not find the Active Directory objects associated with it.
Cause: This could happen if the server was newly activated and the created Active Directory objects haven't replicated or if permissions to the service account have been altered.
Make sure that replication is complete and the account the service is running under has proper privileges and that connection to Active Directory (or SQL back-end) is functional.).
Cause: Check the previous entries in the event log for the failure reason.
I am also getting this error:
Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	OCS IM MCU
Event Category:	(1019)
Event ID:	33005
Date:		2/24/2009
Time:		9:11:33 AM
User:		N/A
Computer:	NBSVARONIS01
Office Communications Server IM MCU Service could not be started.
Message: No corresponding MSFT_SIPMCUSetting for service DN 'CN=LS IM MCU,CN=Microsoft,CN=NBSVARONIS01,OU=Internal,OU=Servers,OU=Computers,OU=NBS,DC=nbsgov,DC=nbs'.
Stack:    at Microsoft.Rtc.Internal.Wmi.WmiConsumer.get_Msft_SipMcuSetting()
   at Microsoft.Rtc.Internal.Wmi.WmiConsumer.get_Msft_SipMcuFactorySetting()
   at Microsoft.Rtc.Internal.Wmi.WmiConsumer.get_PoolDn()
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.Config.ReadPoolConfig()
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.Config.InitializeWmiConsumer()
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.Config..ctor()
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.ConferenceManager..ctor()
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.ImMcuService.CreateConferenceManager()
   at Microsoft.Rtc.Server.McuInfrastructure.RetryLogicHandler`1.ExecuteMethod(RetryableMethodDelegate retryableMethod, TimeSpan retryPeriod, TimeSpan maxDuration)
   at Microsoft.LiveServer.ImMcu.ImMcuService.OnStart(String[] args)
Cause: Startup errors.
Check the events prior to this to resolve the service startup issue.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

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1 Solution
Deactivate all the OCS Server Roles through the OC MMC starting with Web Conferencing.
Rerun the OCS Setup Wizard and do the Activation again.
whitehornetAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks, I'll give it a try now...
whitehornetAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that worked...

I'm not sure if I can ask a follow up question as I'm new to EE but everything is working great except two features.  Conferencing and Exchange.  

The conference error I get is this:

The conferencing service did not respond. Wait and then try again. If you still cannot connect, contact your system administrator with this information. (ID: 3098)

It also says it can't find the exchange server but I'm working on that now.  Thanks again for your help.


For Web Conferencing you need to open the OCS MMC, right click on Forest/Properties/Global properties/Meeting tab and edit the default policy and enable web conferencing and the feature you want and then restart the OCS Front End services.
The exchange or Outlook integration could be several things.  Recommended posting separately for that.  Only way we get points.
whitehornetAuthor Commented:
took a little longer than I thought but the solution was on track.

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