Mitel 3300, Adding a LS trunk outside of the T-1's already in use

We have a 3300 mxe rel 8.0 that are using T-1s already. Customer wants to add a user and a private analog line that only he can access (does not want his calls to show the companies CLID information.)

How would I program this analog trunk and class of service for it and the station that is to be using it?
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Order the 1mb, run it into the back of hte MXe into the embedded analog board (if equipped).  See below

The MXe and CX/CXi Controllers support the Analog Main Board (AMB).
The Analog Main Board supports:
" six Loop Start (LS) trunks
" four On-Premise (ONS) lines
" two Power Fail Transfer (PFT) ports
" one Music On Hold (MOH) circuit
" one Loudspeaker Paging circuit.

How do you know what's installed?
 In ESM --> System Configuration --> Units and Modules --> Unit Configuration Display
After you have physically connected your trunk, go into ESM
--> System Configuration --> Trunks --> Analog Trunks --> Loop Start Trunks and program each of those forms.
Click the help button in the upper right hand section of the web page when you move to each form and it will help guide you.
After all that, assign the trunk to a key on the station.
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