Use different update location for each client group in Symantec AntiVirus

I was hoping someone could give me some assistance with configuring Symantec Live Update. I would like to configure Symantec to retrieve different updates for each client group; essentially we want each group to lag two weeks behind each other in updates. So we have setup up three file shares where we want each client group to look for updates.


Through System Center I have pointed each client group to their respective update folder and have a script running which copies over the downloaded updates into the appropriate folder. However symatec attempts to run a update it just fails.


Is what I am doing even possible or do I have to use a lupdate adminstrator to setup distribution centers or an internal live update server? Any information would be alot of help.


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jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using virus definition manager...
Then you can schedule you clients to retrieve updates either daily, weekly or monthly... Also you can change the settings by minutes if you want it that way with a max of 7 days.
I recommend creating groups and make sure they are not set to inherit settings from its parent if you want to configure them to retrieve updates at different time frames...
Let me know if you need further assistance
chmilhouseAuthor Commented:
Hey Jimmymcp02

Thanks for the reply but that wouldn't have worked either because that would simply have the clients get updates every two weeks but what i wanted was to setup the clients to retrieve updates that have been released for at least 2 weeks. After testing different solutions I came to the conclusion that we will just setup two distribution centers one which will push the most recent updates and one which will require their updates are approved. Then just assign certain user groups to different distribution centers. It was unfortunate Symantec does not allow the option of delaying updatse from  being pushed to a client but the approval required option should be fine for now.
no problem.
I hope everything works out well.
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