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I have an old dell raid server that I want to install XP Pro on and make it a pc. How do I get the OS on setup to recognize the hard drive?? I have deleted the logical drive from the raid....I do believe I am missing another step.
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jsbushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to copy the RAID drivers for that server that are made for XP (Win 2000 drivers SHOULD work) onto a floppy disc.  reboot the server with the XP disc in the drive and boot from the CD.   when the XP setup asks if you need to load any third-party drivers press F6.  It will then check your floppy disc for the appropriate drivers and list the RAID controller for the server.  Select that RAID controller and the install will recognize the array.
lnkevinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you deleted the logical drive, you need to boot up with OpenManage and recreate RAID container to generate a new logical drive. You then install the OS following the wizard on Open Manage. When it boots to OS cd, you can perform the above steps to install SCSI driver

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